Manny fights well when he's happy, says Roach


MACAU -- If Brandon Rios will attempt to tear a page from Juan Manuel Marquez’s playbook, they’re greatly mistaken.

This is how trainer Freddie Roach answered queries regarding the possibility at how trainer Robert Garcia must have been reviewing and analyzing the fateful round six of the Manny Pacquiao-Marquez 4 last year that resulted to a humiliating sixth round knock-out loss of the Pinoy fighting pride.

“No, he can’t simulate that. Rios doesn’t have the ability. You can‘t compare Marquez in him, he is not in Marquez’s class at all.  He’s not even close,” said Roach.

“Marquez is one of the best counter punchers in the world I have ever seen in my life. He hasn’t fought that type of person… he hasn’t had that level of competition yet,” he added.

Roach also believes that Rios will end up either quitting or kissing the canvass before the sixth round.

“No more than six,” winked Roach, who has earlier told media men the minor favor he asked of Pacquiao and that is to send Rios to dreamland in their non-titular clash at the Cotai Arena inside the posh Venetian Hotel and Casino here.

Both fighters already passed the weight test set 7 AM (Macau time) Saturday.

Pacquiao weighed at exactly 145 lbs or two pounds over the limit, while Rios tipped the scale at 146.5 lbs.

Roach revealed how they were targeting a weight 144 pounds for Pacquiao.

“Actually I thought he’ll come in at 144. I like to see him a little heavy anyway. But he had two good meals last night. He had three good meals after the weigh-in,” said Roach.

“He’s in great place right now, he’s gotta be. When Manny is happy, he fights well!”

The five-time trainer of the year also bared that Pacquiao will spend the rest of the day relaxing, and has encouraged his prized fighter to conserve his energy.

“I asked for him not to go outside for a walk… coz you know, outside is not the best place in the world for him,” he said.

“The biggest thing tomorrow when Manny wakes up. He’ll have a meal and half at least before the fight. We’ll not have time for two meals. I don’t want to wake him up at 4 AM,” said Roach at Pacquiao’s wake-up call of 7 AM on his fight day.

“There’s no more problem… we have our plan,” he added.

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