Viloria vs. Estrada: The Preview

The Hawaiian Punch set to defend his title on April 6.

Brian “the Hawaiian Punch” Viloria (32-3, 2 NC with 19 wins via KO or TKO) is on a streak of 6 action packed wins since he lost his junior flyweight title to Carlos Tamara in 2010. The 32-year old Filipino pugilist has risen from obscurity and has found a second wind in his career by winning both the WBO flyweight title (won from Julio Cesar Miranda in 2011) and the WBA version (from Hernan Marquez in 2012), thus making him the first unified flyweight champion since 1965.

Viloria has also shed light on what some experts have been saying as “complacency in fights”, a criticism which was drawn from his tendency to start out strong and fade in the latter rounds. Brian has now adapted a more aggressive, combination heavy style and has focused more on his conditioning to prevent what happened in his title fight against Tamara.

He is now set to defend his unified flyweight belts in the Chinese district of Macao on April 6, 2013 against a young and very dangerous Juan Francisco Estrada (22-2 with 18 wins coming by KO or TKO). The 22-year old Mexican fought on the same card when Viloria beat Tyson Marquez last November, and was beaten by undefeated WBA light flyweight champion Roman Gonzalez via unanimous decision.

Estrada is a one of those true machismo warriors who are powerful and aggressive, and will not relent until they get victory. The hype surrounding him is backed up by his 18 wins via KO and TKO and his durability which he showcased during his loss to Gonzalez.

One main criticism towards Estrada is that most of his victories have come against opponents who have mediocre or losing records. His fights with Gonzalez and Juan Carlos Sanchez Jr. were the only ones against guys with superior records, but he has lost to both.

Brian Viloria has now fixed the flaws in his game that caused his career to go in a lockdown, and him getting called as someone who chokes in big fights. The Hawaiian Punch now employs a more combination punching heavy style compared to before and has dedicated himself on improving his conditioning. That would be factor could be a key against the aggressive Estrada who might just go on to attack the champion.

Experience would play a key part in this match as Viloria is now used to wars of attrition. He has also benefited from improving his defense along with the other things mentioned above. Brian can opt to use his jab to time Estrada’s charges and set-up combinations that can hurt the latter.

Estrada is someone who can eat heavy shot while giving out punishment. This could be his key going into the fight since he needs to pressure Brian Viloria in order for him to dictate the tempo of this bout.

Prediction: It would be a barn burner of a fight considering that Viloria and Estrada have shown that they can knock anyone out in a fight. The first 6 rounds will be close and expect a lot of in-fighting but in the end, Viloria’s experience and momentum will help him seal a win, either via late stoppage or decision.

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